49ers Could Part Ways With Reuben Foster

49ers' Lynch: If Foster did hit a woman, he won't be part of team

The Niners GM said Monday the team is still gathering information before they come to a conclusion whether Reuben will remain with the team.

Lynch said the 49ers need more information, but added that no one is bigger than the team. We're going to learn things through this legal process.

Foster was charged on April 12 with domestic violence with an allegation of inflicting great bodily injury and forcefully attempting to prevent a victim from reporting a crime, stemming from a February arrest after an alleged incident at a residence in Los Gatos, California. He was accused of assaulting his live-in girlfriend, rupturing her eardrum and leaving her bruised.

Of course, one of the biggest differences between Brock and Foster is that Brock joined the team as an undrafted rookie in 2010 while Foster was a first-round pick just a year ago and could be one of the most important pieces of the 49ers' rebuild.

"We just feel like right now that we don't have all the information", Lynch said.

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There was a subtle but significant shift in the 49ers' approach to the Reuben Foster legal situation on Monday, and I think it's pretty clear that general manager John Lynch wanted us to see it as significant. And I understand that is not under Lynch's reign, but it's still part of that team's legacy.

At this time, Foster is not taking part in the team's offseason program. "We spoke to Reuben about that, and we thought that was best. You would be foolish not to".

Did Lynch make a mistake selecting Foster? "I'm certainly not comfortable with what has transpired in the short history that he's been here". "We always have a lot of time together, but this is the time where the coaches have spoken, the scouts have spoken, now he and I speak. But I think being around this league, I've seen too many cases of guys that struggle early and then fortunately figure it out".

And he was asked about his decision to select Foster with the 31st overall pick in last year's draft, in which he almost slid out of the first round because of character concerns.

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