Watch Talos and Nick Fury throw down in new Captain Marvel clip

7 Period Movies Marvel Should Make In The Future

For more information on Carol's comic history, check out our primer, complete with comic recommendations!

Captain Marvel is in many ways a paean to empathy and intuition, qualities commonly associated with women but beneficial to anyone willing to tap into themselves.

As a hotshot pilot, Carol has always been a badass. Who else could rock head-to-toe rainbow sequins if not someone who plays a superhero? Let's break it down!

"Then, everything is in relation to the man and about whether or not he will give her validity".

It also significantly reduces the chance of a live action Secret Invasion adaptation-a comic book event fans have been clamoring for since the Skrulls were first confirmed for the big screen.

The film starts with her powers in hand but takes a step back in slowly unraveling her past and its importance to her mission and character development. They don't call her Princess Sparklefists for nothing. Brie Larson as the titular character tried her best, but there was no third dimension to her story or her personality.

The absence of a love interest is just fine.

Or perhaps there's a woman out there for Carol.

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I went to see Captain Marvel with my sister and mother.

The short answer: VERY. What's most perplexing thought is Tony Stark's absence.

They write: "Captain America brings back everyone at the cost of his life and the Gauntlet". According to Kevin Feige, she will be "by far" the most powerful superhero in the MCU. The old and stubbornly held Hollywood belief that a superhero movie starring a woman would flop was bolstered by some painful evidence: the critical and financial failures of Supergirl (1984), Tank Girl (1995), Catwoman (2004), and Elektra (2005). Before that though, be sure to check out Captain Marvel, as it's now playing everywhere.

The major revelation of Captain Marvel was that Talos, the Skrull "leader" and assumed villain of the movie, in fact was not a villain at all-he, and his people, were victims. Between the pager shot of the post-credit scene in Avengers: Infinity War, the time vortex reference in Ant-Man and the Wasp, and that pesky Time Stone, I think it's safe to speculate that some sort of time travel will be involved.

Captain Marvel isn't groundbreaking cinema, but it's energetic, nostalgic and amusing.

For those wanting to go into Captain Marvel completely blind (that isn't a vision-related pun, here, gang - we're genuinely looking out for you in the spoiler department), turn your attention away now.

Captain Marvel is cool as hell. Consider the opening scene, wherein she wakes from a mysterious and disturbing dream - though you'd never know it was disturbing to look at her.

The writer-directors eschew the deep-dive origin story and introduce the title hero when she's already known as Vers, a smart-aleck rookie in Starforce, an elite military team on the planet Hala, the homeworld of the Kree. Gaslighting, typically perpetrated by men who want to control women under the guise of mental superiority-"She's crazy" is one common refrain-is another tactic with which many women are uncomfortably familiar.

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